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Yesterday we found out that the beloved actor Robin Williams died of apparent suicide. I personally have watched some of his movies while growing up and was saddened to hear these tragic news. Buckets of digital ink have already been spilled regarding the reason and mystery of why this happened. If you are reading this and contemplating suicide, I want to plead with you to reconsider and seek out someone to talk to. I want you to understand that God is for you and God loves you. In this blog post, I want to expound on what the Bible says about people who commit suicide. Continue Reading…



In the last few days, I’ve been flooded with people requesting that I immerse myself in the new Noah film and offer a gospel-drenched opinion. I saw the movie Saturday night and enjoyed it. But before you come at me with a wave of criticism, I want you to consider the following: Continue Reading…



Should Christians listen to secular music? This is probably one of the most controversial questions that exists among Christians. But it shouldn’t be. The right way to approach this question is Biblically, not culturally or even personally. The question is not about if you can listen to secular music but rather what should guide and direct your consumption of any type of music. So, can a follower of Jesus listen to music that is distinctly secular? Continue Reading…



In the wake of what happened in Boston this past Monday, our culture in general and people in specific, are again faced with the evident existence of evil. Immediately there are two streams of thoughts that emerge when any catastrophe occurs: Continue Reading…



In light of the recent tragedy that took place in which Pastor Rick Warren’s son took his own life, I have been bombarded by questions about what the Bible says about suicide.

First off, I want to extend my deepest condolences to Pastor Rick Warren and their entire family. I had the privilege of being in a wedding party along with Matt. He was super friendly and was a pleasure to be around with. We pray that the peace of Jesus that surpasses all human understanding would be with the family during this time. Death is not the end.

I also want to bring to light what the Bible says about suicide. As a pastor, my job is to tell you the truth about all things related to life – no matter how tough or unpleasant they may be. Continue Reading…


cross_pic_jpg copy

When Jesus was on the cross, he was surrounded by two thieves. Both were guilty but only one realized it. People who were punished justly were hung next to the One who justifies. The sinless Judge experienced the treatment reserved for the most sinful of transgressors. Continue Reading…



In this life, suffering is inevitable. But it is not insurmountable. Every one of us will suffer in various ways and degrees. It might be a betrayal by a friend. It might be false accusations or slander. It might be physical or emotional abuse. It might be a maligning of your character. If you suffered unjustly, there is no minimizing what happened to you. It was wrong, selfish, cruel. If you feel like you are going through hell, keep going.

Sometimes, Jesus does not redeem us from our suffering, because Jesus wants to redeem us through our suffering. Continue Reading…



I hate death. Ironically though, I cannot wait to die. Why? Because my life is about pursuing Christ and my death will be the finale when I will meet with Christ, face to face. The Bible also teaches us to hate what God hates. So when I say that I hate death, I am just trying to be Biblical.

Continue Reading…



As we head into the New Year, embrace the new and the fresh with this mindset:

God loves us with a reckless kind of love.

A love that humanely speaking, does not make any sense at all.

He sends His beloved Son to earth, to be brutally murdered on a cross. This was done in order that grace would flow freely unto us.

We received grace instead of wrath.

We received eternal life instead of eternal death.

We deserved unending torture. We received unmerited favor.

Embrace grace and be uncomfortably overwhelmed by the comfort of knowing Jesus loves you and desires to make all things new in you, perpetually.


All ungrounded sentimentality and a seeking of spirituality collapses on days like this – because nothing can help or heal the hurting apart from Jesus Christ and His promise that He has overcome this world including devastating tribulations and senseless acts of murder.

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” -Jesus (John 16:33)

Trust God in every tragedy. What should surprise us is not the presence of evil but rather that evil does not manifest itself more often.

Click here to read or listen to what I believe is a biblical and balanced commentary to the Connecticut massacre.

Here is an excerpt:

A tragedy like this cannot be answered with superficial and sentimental Christian emotivism, nor with glib dismissals of the enormity and transience of this crime. Such a tragedy calls for the most Gospel-centered Christian thinking, for the substance of biblical theology, and the solace only the full wealth of Christian conviction can provide.

In the face of such horror, we are driven again and again to the cross and resurrection of Christ, knowing that the reconciling power of God in Christ is the only adequate answer to such a depraved and diabolical power.