FFL 010: My Interview With Pastor And Global World Changer Gennadiy Mokhnenko


On the tenth episode of Fuel For Life, I got an opportunity to interview pastor and global world changer, Gennadiy Mokhnenko. If you have not yet heard of him, you will soon because of a full on documentary film coming out about his life and ministry. Pastor Gennadiy has adopted 32 children who currently live with him. He has also founded a rehabilitation center and pastors a robust gospel-centered church that has changed the culture in the city with regard to homeless and neglected children. His vision is to champion a global movement where all the children with no parents would find a home and live up to their full, God-given potential. This man is an absolute legend and someone who is being used greatly by God. Click here to read his entire bio. This is the most inspirational interview I have done thus far – trust me, you will want to listen to this one

During our interview, I asked Gennadiy about the following items. In true Gennadiy form and fashion, he held nothing back and came out with brutal honesty about everything that he said.

  1. What his main ministry projects are right now and what his plans are for 2014.
  2. How and when did he develop a passion to adopt kids who were addicted to drugs.
  3. What his opinion is of so-called prosperity gospel preachers and healers.
  4. The details behind the brand new documentary he is being filmed for.
  5. What he thinks about social media.
  6. His advice for young leaders and how not to burn out in ministry.
  7. What he would say to a 25-year-old Gennadiy if he were to sit down with him for some coffee

Gennadiy and I also discussed his upcoming trip to Southern California where we will potentially sit down and get some coffee together.

To check out Gennadiy’s website, click here. Connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.

Question: What did you think of the interview – what else would you ask Gennadiy? 



6 responses to “FFL 010: My Interview With Pastor And Global World Changer Gennadiy Mokhnenko”

  1. Wow!!! Super inspirational! Speechless.

  2. It’s so interesting how you just switch to Russian in your podcast! For some reason I thought that Gennadiy spoke English but I could be mistaken. Anyway, I enjoyed the podcast, Gennadiy’s life is certainly inspiring, God is using him in some amazing ways. I’ve listened to several of his sermons in the past too and I always came away having learned something catching a little of his passion for God and for orphans.

    1. Caleb hi – what did you find interesting about me switching between English and Russian? Gennadiy speaks English I think but he prefers to speak in Russian.

  3. Pavel Marchenko Avatar
    Pavel Marchenko

    Thanks Bogdan. This guy’s is my hero. Grate example of Gospel saturated life.

    1. Pavel hi – he sure is – thank you for the feedback!

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