FFL 008: My Interview With Church Leader And Community Influencer Dmitry Kvasnyuk


On the eight episode of Fuel For Life, I interview Dmitry Kvasnyuk, a church leader and a community influencer, currently serving at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. There is so much good gospel gold in this episode – hope you enjoy listening to it.

In this episode I ask Dmitry the following questions:

  1. Tell me a little about yourself, current ministry involvement, your church and how you are currently involved there and what you are hoping to accomplish.
  2. You were involved in the Russian church for a while before you became a member at Mars Hill Church. Tell me what precipitated that move to MH.
  3. How do you keep your relationship with Jesus alive and how do you think your relationship with Jesus impacts every other relationship you have in your life including the relationship with your wife, friends, community group and your church. 
  4. What do you do when people put tradition over Scripture – how can you disagree agreeably in a gospel-centered, Christ-glorifying manner?
  5. What advice would you give someone who is going through a difficult season of life? What encouragement would you give them?
  6. What is the spiritual climate of Seattle and where you currently serve and what do you think the future of the church is? Do you think the church is dying or is sick?
  7. Lightning Round  Questions:
    1. What is your favorite coffee concoction?
    2. In an ideal world, what would you do all the time if you could?
    3. What type of music are you into right now or the bands that are on your iPad/iPhone?
    4. What do you do when not working or doing ministry assignments to relax and re-charge?
    5. What is a goal or a dream that you would like to accomplish in 2014?
    6. Do you see yourself as a potential church planter or pastor in the future?

I hope you enjoy the interview – you can check it out on iTunes by clicking here. You can connect with Dmitry on Facebook by clicking here.

Question: What did you think of the interview? 



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