FFL 004: How To Avoid A Burnout And Achieve Balance


In this episode of Fuel For Life, I talk about how you can avoid a potentially dangerous burnout in your life and get well on your way to achieve balance within your life. The big idea is this: If you don’t get rest, rest will eventually get you. Or as someone said, if you don’t take a sabbath, one will be imposed on you. I also share a personal story where I experienced a burn-out and what caused that in my life. I hope this episode will be helpful and encouraging to many.

In the show, I talk about four areas in your life that will suffer majorly because you are doing too much, are over-committed and have no buffer zone or margin in your life:

  1. Relationships
  2. Health
  3. Influence
  4. Effectiveness

I also give three practical steps on how to avoid a burn-out and achieve balance:

  1. Create clear non-negotiable items
  2. Learn to say no
  3. Accept the tension without anxiety

Here are the resources that I mentioned in the show:

  • A link to Fuel For Life episode #3: http://bit.ly/1aTpVit
  • A link to my book launch announcement: http://bit.ly/bookforward
  • A link to the official website for my new book: http://bit.ly/1aN7Eld
  • A link to join my book launch team: http://bit.ly/GH3DFu

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4 responses to “FFL 004: How To Avoid A Burnout And Achieve Balance”

  1. This is such an important topic for anyone in ministry. Last year at our missions regional conference we dedicated some major time to discussing and learning about burn out. It was well worth it. Looking forward to listening.

  2. Bogdan I really appreciated the focus on how overworking can have ripple effects on those we lead. This is a message that many church leaders need to hear.

    1. Thank you for listening Caleb! This was a painful experience but also very valuable.

      1. It’s really great to see how God is using a painful experience in your life to minister to many others.

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