My Top Five Most Downloaded Episodes On The Fuel For Life Podcast

I started The Fuel For Life Podcast in October of 2013 and since then, it has been an incredible journey. I am very thankful to the Fuel For Life Nation for giving me the privilege to speak into their life, on a daily basis. What never ceases to amaze me is that in the last thirty months since the podcast launched, there has never been a single day where there was not one person that was listening to the podcast. Basically this means that The Fuel For Life Podcast has now been listened to on a continual daily basis for over nine hundred days by The Fuel For Life Nation.

I thought I would write this post and curate for you the top five most downloaded podcast episode of all time, since we launched thirty months ago. If you want to get familiar with my most popular episodes or if you want to get to know the Fuel For Life podcast, this is an excellent place to start.

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1. FFL 001: Seven Ways to See If Your Words Help Or Hurt Other People (1,646 downloads). Click here to begin to listen to it right away: Naturally this podcast has the most downloads and is coincidentally the first podcast that I ever recorded. I think I have come along way in the last thirty months. What do you think? Would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

2. FFL 006: My Exclusive Interview With Alexei Ledyaev: Pastor, Church Planter And Movement Maker (1,479 downloads). Click here to begin to listen to it right away: Naturally this interview did not fit into one episode. So for your listening pleasure, here is part two:

3. FFL 003: The Art Of Saying No To Good Things And Saying Yes To Great Things (1,351 downloads). Click here to begin to listen to it right away: This is one of those episodes that I keep hearing testimonies about from people about how it changed their life. Listen to it and see if you can apply the principles I teach, into your life.

4. FFL 002: How To Stay Consistent In Reading Your Bible Every Single Day (1,262 downloads). Click here to begin to listen to it right away: It is always encouraging when the Fuel For Life Nation has a hunger and thirst for the Word of God and wants to listen to how to increase their daily Bible reading. Listen to this episode if you want some practical tips on how to read your Bible every day.

5. FFL 010: My Interview With Pastor And Global World Changer Gennadiy Mokhnenko (1,160 downloads). Click here to begin to listen to it right away: This man is an absolute legend and someone who is being used greatly by God. In true Gennadiy form and fashion, he held nothing back and came out with brutal honesty about everything that I asked him in the interview. If you want to get inspired to turn the world upside down for Jesus, listen to this interview.

Alright Fuel For Life Nation – now it is your turn. Which podcast episode has been your personal favorite? What episode or episodes or topics have you personally enjoyed?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future of Fuel For Life and one thing is certain: I want to continue pointing people to Jesus with it and I also want to up my game in terms of the content.

I want it to be more fresh, more relevant, more engaging, more riveting and more interesting. I hope to accomplish all of those things in 2016 and beyond.

As always, thank you for listening and subscribing to the podcast.

Would love to hear your comments and feedback. 

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