FFT053: Why Most Arguments Atheists Use Are Incredibly Weak

FFL_IMAGE_LARGEFormer atheist turned follower of Jesus Tyler Vela joins me on the Fuel For Life Podcast for a five part discussion where we talk about the most common questions that people want to ask someone who used to be a former atheist. During our five part talk, we discuss the following items:

What made Tyler become a theist in general and a Christian theist in particular?
What were some of the most convincing arguments?
Why Christianity when there is a lot of other religions?
Why does God exist?
What were Tyler’s strongest arguments in defense of atheism when he did not believe in God?
How would he answer those arguments now?
Why would a gracious, loving God ever send people to hell?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Is it worth arguing with atheists since they already believe what they believe and we can’t change their mind?
What makes people leave the faith and become an atheist?
What does Tyler think about the viral video that supposedly undermines all atheist arguments with a simple circular diagram?

To connect with Tyler and to listen to his podcast, please visit his blog.