FFL 053: How To Run After God’s Heart While In Front Of A Million People With Nikita Skorykh


Get ready to be inspired like you’ve never been before Fuel For Life Nation because on this podcast, we have with us Nikita Skorykh who is doing incredible things for God at a very early age of being just twenty years old. Nikita is currently the assistant to who some call the Billy Graham of this generation, evangelist Nick Hall. Nikita is also on the Communications Team at the Pulse Organization, a movement of young adults running after God’s heart for this generation, impacting more than 250k people each year.

In our interview, I ask Nikita the following questions:

How he met Jesus and where does his passion for following Jesus come from.

How his background and parents helped shape who he is today.

How and why he got involved with Nick Hall and the Pulse Organization.

What happened at the Together 2016 event which gathered almost one million people in Washington DC on July 16, 2016.

Why the event was ultimately shut down on that day and what was the response of the organizers.

What is the best piece of advice that Nikita has ever received.

What are Nikita’s big dreams and goals for 2017.

What Nikita would like to say for every millennial and every other generation that is listening that might think that God is not mightily using them yet.

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